Mouse Rug - 4 Pc CoasterRug® Set Pendleton® Fire Legend Coaster (PFL-C)


Coaster Rugs come in a set of four with a descriptive paper packaging that includes the name of the pattern, its history and origin, product code, and scannable UPC label. Fire Bringers are heroes, from Prometheus in classical Greece, to Manabozho, the Chippewa trickster. Manabozho journeyed to the home of an old man who hoarded fire, and changed himself into a small, shivering rabbit. The man’s daughters set him by the hearth, where he caught a spark on his fur and raced back to his people before it went out. This pattern shows combs and shawls warming by a hearth to celebrate the gift of fire. Design © Pendleton Woolen Mills, Inc. Made in the USA. CoasterRug dimensions - approximate finished size: 3.5" x 5.5" (including fringe) and .16" thick. UPC 680638502314

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