Artisan Chocolate Bars - Beloved Bars - Chocolate Candy Gift: Strawberry Chiffon


Our Artisan Beloved Bars are tributes, in chocolate, to foods we adore, dishes that have meant something big in our lives. Each package includes the story of why that gourmet chocolate bar was created-why it's beloved to us! Give these chocolate candy bars on Halloween in the fall, use for s'mores at a bonfire, eat as a snack with coffee, or wrap as a Christmas gift! It's the perfect holiday candy! Hand made in small batches. - Waffle Pecan (butter waffles and maple pecans in milk chocolate with a hint of anise) -Shelf Life: 12 months - Grasshopper Pie (chocolate wafer cookies and mint curls in minty milk chocolate) -Shelf Life: 12 months - Mom's Apple Pie (dried apples, butter cookie pieces, and apple pie spices in white chocolate) -Shelf Life: 12 months - Strawberry Chiffon (graham cracker crumbs, freeze dried strawberries, in ruby chocolate) -Shelf Life: 6 months - Date Delight (dried dates, walnuts, brown sugar in dark chocolate) -Shelf Life: 12 months Unit Weight: 2.2 oz.

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